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Management Skills

This programme helps you develop the awareness, skills, tools and competencies which will enable you to maximise your performance and success in today's rapidly changing and highly demanding economy.

This uniquely designed development programme will help you develop the skills, knowledge and competencies that maximise management and leadership potential in order to meet existing and future business challenges with confidence. You will learn how to manage people and lead teams, achieve effective decision-making, understand change and innovation and develop strategic insight.

Management Skills Enhancement Program:

Empower your management skills with cutting-edge strategies and practical insights. This program is ideal for professionals aiming to excel in managing teams, projects, and organizational change effectively.

Our Management Services

Management Skills For Administrative Professionals

This intensive training course is designed for all people in administrative positions is designed to enhance your performance with comprehensive management and self-leadership skills.


In this course, you will gain the practical skills and enhanced awareness which will ultimately help you manage changing roles and responsibilities and meet dynamic work expectations by expanding your proactive capabilities whether working with bosses, team members or customers.


The course will help you understand your own management style and teach you how to improve it to influence others more effectively.

You will also improve your communication and negotiation skills dramatically which will help you manage conflicts, achieve results and build trust and effective relationships.

Managing Conflicting Workloads, Multiple Tasks and Deadlines"

This comprehensive training course prepares the participants to handle conflicting workloads, constantly changing priorities and an ever-growing task list with within strict customer requirements, fixed timeframe and limited resources.


You will learn how to articulate clear goals, plan the most productive way to spend your time and evaluate, prioritize and schedule a long list of tasks and activities against deadlines.


The course will also improve your task leadership and collaboration skills in order to be able to work well with others to ensure deadlines are met.

Performance Management for Government and Non-profit Organizations

This training program is developed to help participants design and implement an effective performance management scheme for not-for-profit sector organizations.


In this program you will learn how to craft strategies and implement proven best practice approaches for aligning programs and management initiatives to an integrated performance management system for your government organization.


You will also learn how to design proven strategies for gaining leadership buy-in for performance improvement initiatives and leading with a resolve that focuses and aligns the critical balance between Accountability, Responsibility and Empowerment.

Essential Skills for Emerging Leaders

This training program gives emerging leaders foundational knowledge and essential tools they need to be effective leaders and be prepared for their new challenges and responsibilities.


In this program, participants will learn how to make the shift from being a follower to being the one who guides, directs, motivates, and manages. Participants will discover the heart, soul and mind of the influential leader and explore leadership roles from inside out in order to develop their unique leadership style for maximum impact.


The program will develop the participants interpersonal and communication skills, decision-making and problem-solving abilities, self and people management, critical and strategic thinking and team leadership.

Essential Skills for New Managers and Supervisors

This course provides the vital skills new managers and supervisors need to step confidently into their new role. It will teach them how to lead, motivate, and accomplish tasks effectively and efficiently through others.

The course will take you through motivation, delegation, and decision making. You will also learn how to stay on target and concentrated on your goals using powerful time and stress management tools and techniques.

As a result of attending the course, you will know how to handle any tough problem that comes up. When you are faced with a crisis, you’ll react with confidence. You will be better equipped to keep your people motivated, productive, and on target.

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